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Notes for Contributors in Perspectives

General Description

Perspectives is a refereed Journal published twice a year by the Institute of International Relations, Prague, Czech Republic. At the present time, it is established as the leading Journal in Central and Eastern Europe, dealing with a range of issues from international relations theory to contemporary international politics, and regional and global issues that affect international relations.

The aim of Perspectives is to produce an eclectic mix of articles dealing with various areas of international relations and regional studies. These may include, for instance, articles on recent history, specialised articles on some legal or political area which affects international affairs, or articles that capture some issue which, while seen from a national perspective, is at the same time of importance at a regional or international level. While there will naturally be some bias towards the Central and East European region, the same principles will also apply to articles from other parts of the world.

Perspectives invites papers and enquiries from interested scholars.

Types of Articles

The Journal publishes three types of articles (Research Articles, Discussions and Consultations), Book Reviews and Review Essays.

Research Articles are full-length papers (between 6,000 and 10,000 words, including endnotes and references) that contain an original contribution to research.
Discussions are topical commentaries or essays (between 6,000 and 8,000 words, including endnotes and references) with the aim to provoke scholarly debates.
Consultations are full-length papers (between 6,000 and 8,000 words, including endnotes and references) of descriptive character that bring information on topical international developments or present results of recent empirical research.

All three types of articles should begin with an abstract of no more then 150 words, which should describe the main arguments and conclusions of the article.

Book Reviews should not exceed 2,000 words,
Review Essays should be 3,500 words maximum, including endnotes and references.

All submissions should be made in electronic form, unless this is impossible for some practical reason.

Notes, References, etc.

Notes should be numbered consecutively through the article with a raised numeral corresponding to the list of notes placed at the end. A list of References should appear after the list of Notes containing all the works referred to, listed alphabetically by author’s surname (or name of sponsoring body if there is no identifiable author). References to literature in the text should be made by giving author’s name and year of publication, both in parentheses, e.g. (Wendt, 1999) or (Wendt, 1999: 112).

Author’s name as it appears on the title page, date of publication in parentheses, title in italics with capitals in principal words, place of publication, publisher:

Liefferink, Duncan and Mikael Skou Andersen (eds.) (1997), The Innovation of EU Environmental Policy, Copenhagen: Scandinavian University Press.

Articles, chapters and internet sources:
Author’s name, title of article or chapter within single inverted commas with principal words capitalised, title of journal or book in italics, volume number, issue number, place of publication if in a book, page reference:

Lisowski, Michael (2002), ‘Playing the Two-Level game: US President Bush’s Decision to Repudiate the Kyoto Protocol’, Environmental Politics, Vol.11, No.4, pp.101-119.

Aguilar Fernández, Susana (1997), ‘Abandoning a Laggard Role? New Strategies in Spanish Environmental Policy’, in D. Liefferink and M.S. Andersen (eds.), The Innovation of EU Environmental Policy, Copenhagen: Scandinavian University Press, pp.156-172.

Yahuda, Michael (2004), Europe and America in Asia: Different Beds, Same Dreams. The Sigur Center Asia Papers No. 18. Available at: www.gwu.edu/-sigur/.

Quotation marks:
Double in text throughout; single within double; double within indented quotations.

Dates and numbers:
25 February 1999; February 1999; 25 February; the 1990s.

How to Submit an Article, Book Review or Review Essay

For submissions of Research Articles, Discussions and Consultations, or general correspondence, please contact either Editor-in-Chief, Mr. Petr Kratochvil or Associate Editor, Mr. Mats Braun (see Editor's office contacts).

For matters related to book reviews, please contact Mr. Vit Stritecky, Book Reviews Editor (see Editor's office contacts).

Following approval for publication, authors of all articles should send an abstract, key words, and a short biographical note (80 words maximum) including institutional affiliation and relevant experience to Petr Kratochvil (see Editor's office contacts), authors of reviews should send just a biographical note.

Other Information

Articles will be reviewed by at least two anonymous referees.

While we welcome reviews of English-language academic books, we encourage authors to submit reviews of academic books published in other languages, including the languages of Central and East European countries.

Since we encourage authors whose first language is not English, we assume that authors will accept language editing.

Authors of Research Articles, Discussions and Consultations will receive one complimentary copy of the journal, and 10 photocopy off-prints of their article.


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